RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Is a flexible business solution that works as an extension of your Talent Acquisition team, managing all or part of the talent acquisition cycle from requisition open to onboarding.

Is a recruitment process outsourcing business model that fits every organization’s specific objectives of talent attraction and recruitment. Strategically, the model is designed to bring excellence to talent acquisition without neglecting the overall cost of the management program, the improvement of the quality of candidates and the time to fill each position.

From recruitment to induction (onboarding), our RPO solutions ensure organizations find the most qualified candidates who are really aligned with the company culture.


  • Mayor Calidad
  • Reducir tiempos de contratación
  • Mejorar la experiencias de candidatos
  • Mayor porcentaje de candidatos
  • Mejorar la marca y reputación
  • Sistemas de atracción y seguimiento
  • Datos de gestión

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